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   Some Sabbath keeping inmates are so dedicated to their faith and each other that they have formed inmate communities on their units. These communities study, pray and worship together (if possible), see to each others needs as best they can, hold each other accountable for proper behavior, and seek to combine their efforts in obtaining services and other things with which to properly practice their faith. We at Sabbath Keepers Fellowship applaud their efforts, dedication and sincerity. You can participate with us in helping these communities of believers with their needs by making a donation or becoming a volunteer. If you have any questions about these inmate communities, please contact us. The following is a brief description of some of these communities:


Qehilath Haderek, Michael Unit, Tennessee Colony, Texas
Our community is an eclectic group of believers with backgrounds in many faiths. Begun in 2003, we now total about 55 members. We have a biblically structured and Torah observant community that is blessed to be allowed to meet for weekly Sabbaths and on holy days. We are currently studying Torah law, Hebrew, and the books of the B'rith Chadasha from a Messianic perspective. Our greatest need is for additional volunteers and the prayers of all who will give them. 

Ivret Beit Icheid, Smith Unit, Lamesa ,Texas 
Our Messianic community has had a very rocky start but we have remained strong. We have approximately 11 members at the present time. We have also recently re-established contact with two brothers on the outside who have shown interest in becoming our volunteers. At the present time we are not allowed to meet as a group because we have no outside volunteers to facilitate our services. We are still in need of much assistance and would appreciate your prayers for volunteers. We are hopeful that others will become a part of our community. Please contact SKF if you are interested in being a volunteer for our community or any other community. 

Brit Am Community, Century Correctional Institution, Century, Florida
Our community is a Messianic community. We are a Torah observant community of 17 current members from diverse backgrounds: Jews, Gentiles, black, white, Spanish, etc. all striving to worship in a traditional first century second Temple manner. We would appreciate any prayers, siddurim, and tallitot. Mostly we need study material from a Messianic and/or Hebrew Roots Torah observant viewpoint. 

Halacha en HaMashiach, Graceville Correctional Institution, Graceville, Florida
We used SKF's guide for building a biblically structured community and the Epistles of Timothy as a foundation for setting up our group. SKF's recommendation that we elect elders based upon our numbers is what we did. We chose from our group two elders, a Nassi, a deacon, two teachers and an outreach person. We also developed a Mission Statement. Right now, our members hover around fifteen and we seem to be growing weekly. We are a Messianic study group, open to all who truly want to learn more of Torah and the importance of it in our lives. We welcome all who observe Sabbath and want to be more Torah observant. We meet every Erev Shabbat for one hour and find this time to be a real blessing to all of us. It is the highlight of my week. The brotherhood we are establishing is rewarding and exciting. Praise Yahweh!

Beit Kofesh (House of Freedom), McConnell Unit, Beeville, Texas
We are a 15 year old community consisting of approximately 100+ men. We are currently allowed three Sabbath services per month which are led by free world volunteers and average an attendance of about 50 men. Our community consists primarily of believers from the Messianic Jewish, Sacred Name, and COG faiths. We are blessed with a “Leadership Team” which consists of several inmates who serve the greater community through their various “helps” ministries. Our studies include Hebrew and the laws of Torah. We are in need of freeworld volunteers so we can have more weekly Sabbath services. Additional ministry volunteers are always welcomed and much needed. We also need Sacred Name Bibles, Hebrew language instructional books, and tallitot. We are also praying for someone to donate a shofar to our community. We always need your prayers and sincerely appreciate all the help we receive.

Freemont Community, Canon City, Colorado
The Freemont Hebrew community is said to be one of the largest Messianic communities in the U.S. It is organized, orderly and receives many privileges when it comes to our holy day observances. The State of Colorado is very generous in supplying the things we need to observe Passover. At any given holy day there are as many as 100 participants. Our erev Shabbat services consist of the Sh’ma, Hebrew blessings, candle lighting, worship and teaching. We also have a midrash and havdallah. We are very blessed. 

Assembly of Yahweh in Messiah, Okeechobee Correctional Institute, Okeechobee, Florida
Our Messianic community was founded in 2004 and consists of 16-20 men. We assemble for Shabbat service on the eve each week to worship, praise, and study the word of Yahweh through His holy scriptures. We have a core body of baptized believers who diligently study throughout the week and use their knowledge and understanding to witness to others. We have converts from Christianity, Hebrew Yisraelites, and Muslims. We are strict Sabbath keepers and observe the feasts of Lev. 23; the sacred names; dietary laws and commandments. We are in need of pen-pals, tallitot, chumashim and siddurim. We appreciate the prayers of our freeworld brothers and sisters in Messiah. 

Temple Beth Teferet Yeshua, Coldwater, Michigan
Our membership is still forming and has a lot of promise for growth. We are excited to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to fellow Sabbatarians and hope you keep us in prayer during our struggle for recognition. We have been involved in the process for two years now and our case is currently in the courts. Pray with us for a positive outcome and continued humbleness of spirit to weigh every step in our Father’s love. 

Beth’Yeshua Community, Darrington Unit, Rosharon, Texas
We are a 10 year old community consisting of 28 men. We have an erev Shabbat service every week led by our freeworld volunteer. Our average attendance ranges from 28-50 men. We are primarily a Messianic Jewish group, but have some visitors from the Catholic and Protestant services. We were blessed to be able to hold a Pesach service with a meal, and we had our first Yom Kippur service this year. We have teachers within our community that teach us each week. We are trying to find a volunteer to begin a Hebrew class, as well as someone who will come in for a daytime Shabbat service. We appreciate your prayers for our community, and all volunteers are welcome.

Messianic Community of MCI, Spruce Pine, North Carolina
We are the first Messianic community in North Carolina. It is 10 members strong and growing. After years of struggle and battles with NC prison officials, Messianic Judaism was finally recognized by the state in 2010. Praise be to YHWH! Since 2010, there are more Messianic congregations being established in many prisons across this state. Our community needs are kippot, Hertz siddurim, and chumashim. Our prayer requests are that YHWH would send us workers for the harvest from within our system, true converts who will study the way of YHWH and teach those ways to others.

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Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry is a 501(c)(3) charity and all of your donations are tax deductible. Receipts for your donations will be mailed to you upon request. 100% of all monies received by Sabbath Keepers Fellowship are used to support our inmate beneficiaries, and no employee or director of our ministry receives a salary or monthly compensation of any kind.


This page last updated 06/16/16