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   Some Sabbath keeping inmates are so dedicated to their faith and each other that they have formed inmate communities on their units. These communities study, pray and worship together (if possible), see to each others needs as best they can, hold each other accountable for proper behavior, and seek to combine their efforts in obtaining services and other things with which to properly practice their faith. We at Sabbath Keepers Fellowship applaud their efforts, dedication and sincerity. You can participate with us in helping these communities of believers with their needs by making a donation or becoming a volunteer. If you have any questions about these inmate communities, please contact us. The following is a brief description of some of these communities:

Assemblies of Yahweh Community, Snake River C.I., Ontario, Oregon
Our group began in 2008 with 2 men. We currently have a membership of approximately 30 men, with a weekly Sabbath attendance of approximately 20-22 men. Our community consists of Jews, Messianic Jews, Sacred Name believers, Christians and pagans who have converted to "the Way," which means practicing the faith Yahshua and his disciples practiced, i.e. "the faith that was once delivered to the saints." Currently we are allowed to have weekly Sabbath services. However, we need outside volunteers to come to us so we can have Bible studies as well. We need and appreciate your prayers and help. 

 Lost Sheep of Israel, Allred Unit, Iowa Park, Texas
     Our Messianic community began in 2009 with just a desire to have a community and the efforts of one man to make that happen. In 2012 we were finally able to have our first Sabbath service on this unit. Our beginnings were humble with just 8-10 men. We are now at 38 men and growing. We are blessed to have a volunteer chaplain who helps us with services when he is able to.  However, we really need an outside volunteer who can come in so we can meet each week. We are also in need of  pen-pals, tallitot, chumashim, siddurim, tallitot and kippot. We appreciate the prayers of our freeworld brothers and sisters in Messiah.  

Kehilah Tikvah, Washington State Pen, Walla Walla, Washington
    Our community was founded 10 years ago by one man , and consists of approximately 10 men. We used to be allowed a weekly Sabbath service, but today it is no longer allowed and we struggle  to obtain any community meetings whatsoever. When we were allowed to have Sabbath meetings we studied  Hebrew and the laws of Torah. Our community is in need of tallitot and kippot, Sabbath candles and prayer books.  We are also in need of freeworld volunteers so we can have services on Sabbaths, holy days and festivals. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, but we especially appreciate your prayers and support. 

Beit Petah Tikvah, Coyote Ridge C.I., Connell, Washington
    Our community has been active since 2010, and we have 25-30 members consisting of Jewish, Messianic Jewish, Sacred Name, and Seventh Day Adventist believers. We are blessed to have a mid-week Hebrew class every week for two hours, plus holy day and festival services. We have two UMJA sponsors, and three volunteers who come to the unit when possible.  We are in need of more study materials for our growth.

Messianic Community, Airway Heights C.I., Airway Heights, Washington
    Our community has been active since 2011. We are a rather new and small community with about 5-10 members. We are allowed to have weekly erev Shabbat services, as well as all the regular festival services. Our members come from various backgrounds including Messianic Jewish, Sacred Names, and COG faiths. We are in need of a sponsor and volunteers to come to us and support our community. We are in need of study materials, a shofar, tallitot, kippot, chumashim, and siddurim. We appreciate all prayers and help anyone is willing to give.   

Nazarene Messianic Jewish Community, Connally Unit, Kenedy, Texas
    With the set-apart Spirit guiding us, our small community of 15 members is growing. We have been an offender-led community for almost a year. We consider ourselves a family. We have Sabbath services here weekly for one hour, but need freeworld volunteers to come to us so we can have more time to fellowship and worship together. We currently have DVD's donated from Hebrew Roots that we watch and learn from. We use Hebrew in our studies, readings, and prayers as much as possible. We are so thankful for all the help and support we receive from our brothers and sisters in the faith.  

Followers of the Way, Riverside Unit, Gatesville, Texas
     Our Messianic community consists of about 10 women. We have visitors quite often and expect more to join very soon. We have three gatherings per month, with outside volunteers. One of our monthly services is set up like a Synagogue service, complete with blowing of the shofar. The other two gatherings are study of the weekly Torah portions with our dear sisters from the outside. Our fourth Sabbath service is inmate-led. We need another volunteer from the outside to come for the fourth service, and especially on the Passover and holy days. We also need prayers for our small group to grow and be strong.

YHWH’s House of Forgiveness & Mercy, Scotland Correctional Institute, Laurinburg, North Carolina
We are a community of Haderek, “The Way,” as enunciated by Eloah in Scripture and as clarified by Yehoshua Hamashiach and his Talmidym. We need a volunteer to come to us so we can have corporate Sabbath and Holy Day services. Until then, we meet on the prison rec yard on Sabbaths, Holy Days, and during the week to worship and study as a group. We are in need of tallitot, kippot, siddurim, chumashim, and The Scriptures, but mostly we need your daily prayers for our small community.

Q’hal Chai Peh (Assembly of the Living Word), Lovelock Correctional Center, Lovelock, Nevada
Our large community is thriving. We have about 44 members besides guests and visitors that attend our regularly scheduled services. We are blessed to have Erev Shabbat services, Shabbat morning services, and celebrations for all of YHWH’s feasts. We have an excellent music ministry and are allowed to have weekly music practice. We also have two weekly study times and a weekly prayer service. YHWH’s Spirit is definitely moving and at work in our community.

Kehilat Hateliam Yahshua, Eastham Unit, Lovelady, Texas   
In 2011, the eight core members were called by Yahweh to form this Torah observant and sacred name assembly. At that time we had one volunteer and were allowed to meet twice a month for a one hour Bible study. Today, our services have been upgraded to three full time volunteers, weekly two hour services, and close to fifty believers in attendance at any one time. Our services consist of blowing the shofar, prayers and blessings, song and worship, reciting the Sh'ma and/or Amidah, Torah readings, testimonies or exhortation, and lesson of the day. We are a truly blessed kehilah, but exist in a hostile environment and continually need prayers of support and protection.

Beit Tikkun v'Tiqvah, Jefferson Correctional Institution, Monticello, Florida
Our little community is a little over a year old and presently has 7 members. We have no outside volunteer, but are blessed to have erev Shabbat services once per week. We also have services for holy days, fasts, Hanukkah, and a weekly Scripture study. Our main goal and focus is restoring men to right relationship with YHWH, and renewing hope of the olam haba when Yahshua returns. Our community needs include Sacred Name Bibles, chumashim, concordances, tallitot, kippot, siddurim, and Hebrew language instruction books. We are always in need of prayers, and deeply and sincerely appreciate all the help we receive.    

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Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry is a 501(c)(3) charity and all of your donations are tax deductible. Receipts for your donations will be mailed to you upon request. 100% of all monies received by Sabbath Keepers Fellowship are used to support our inmate beneficiaries, and no employee or director of our ministry receives a salary or monthly compensation of any kind.


This page last updated 06/23/16