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   Some Sabbath keeping inmates are so dedicated to their faith and each other that they have formed inmate communities on their units. These communities study, pray and worship together (if possible), see to each others needs as best they can, hold each other accountable for proper behavior, and seek to combine their efforts in obtaining services and other things with which to properly practice their faith. We at Sabbath Keepers Fellowship applaud their efforts, dedication and sincerity. You can participate with us in helping these communities of believers with their needs by making a donation or becoming a volunteer. If you have any questions about these inmate communities, please contact us. The following is a brief description of some of these communities:

Assembly of Yah, Torres Unit, Hondo, Texas
Our community was established in 2010. We are blessed to have a faithful volunteer who comes to teach us YHWH’s Word, so we can practice and observe His feast days. We have been blessed with a Chaplain who is very supportive of our small community. Please keep us in prayer as we walk a journey that’s never been known to most of us.

Beit Haderek Messianic Adat, James Crabtree Correctional Center, Helena, Oklahoma
Our community averages 5-10 men. We are without a volunteer, so we meet outside daily for prayers and weekly for Shabbat service. We are in need of civilian volunteers in order to conduct indoor services, and pen-pals would be a blessing as well.  We are blessed to have several Hebraic Torah studies to learn from, but we are in need of chumashim, as well. We covet the effectual fervent prayers of our fellow believers, and continuously pray for all the body of Yahshua Hamashiach.

The House of Refuge, Meadows Unit, Florence, Arizona
We  are a new community of less than a year old. We are blessed to hold an Erev Shabbat service each week, and are working on starting Shabbat services with volunteers in the near future. Our community is in need of battery operated candles for candle lighting, matzah and juice, Kiddush cups, tallitot, kippot, Scriptures, and a shofar. We appreciate all the help we receive, and thank you for your prayers.  

The Brother of Yahshua’s Fellowship, Ellis Unit, Huntsville, Texas
We are a community of about 20 men, but we are growing. We are blessed to have a husband & wife couple that volunteers for our community so we can have erev Shabbat services twice a month. They are great and we really appreciate them so much!  


We are learning of more inmate communities that have formed across Texas and the US. We have added many of these communities to our new Complete Believer's Calendar and will be adding more info here as time allows, so please visit this page again soon for more updates!

Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry is a 501(c)(3) charity and all of your donations are tax deductible. Receipts for your donations will be mailed to you upon request. 100% of all monies received by Sabbath Keepers Fellowship are used to support our inmate beneficiaries, and no employee or director of our ministry receives a salary or monthly compensation of any kind.


This page last updated 06/23/16