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This page is provided as an informational service. Caution should be exercised in using these links as some information found throughout these sites may not be in accordance with personal belief and/or may express opinions that are contrary to our understanding of the Scriptures. We are including these links because they provide varied sources of useful information of general interest to enhance our study and understanding of the Sabbath and other biblically-related topics and themes. Please note that Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry is a non-profit organization and therefore does not necessarily endorse the opinions and/or religious / political views represented on these sites.

HalleluYah Scriptures

The HalleluYah Scriptures, a restored Paleo Hebrew Sacred Name Bible, can be ordered from this website or by writing to P.O. Box 4764 Milton, FL 32572. This wonderful work is supported solely by donations. You can read about this ministry's work and how you can become involved on their website.



Read articles on the Sabbath and various other topics, order Messianic Music CD’s, Hebrew Calendars, mugs, lithographs, etc.



Read articles about the Sabbath, get answers to your Sabbath questions, order books, DVD’s, and bookmarks through their online store.


U.S. Naval

This website provides a way to obtain a table of the times of sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, or the beginning and end of twilight, in your local area for one year. An excellent resource for calculating the beginning and ending of the Sabbath.


Karaite Korner is the website of Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew living in the land of Israel. He publishes a monthly new moon report for those who use the new crescent sighting in Israel to determine the times and seasons of YHWH. He also sells Karaite tzitzith, as well as a couple of books he has co-authored.

The Bible Sabbath Association--

Read archived issues of the Sabbath Sentinel magazine as well as other on-line publications. Sign up for a free subscription of the Sabbath Sentinel or order a Directory of Sabbath Observing Groups in the US and abroad. 


Assembly of

Order a free subscription of “The Faith” magazine, order Sacred Name Bibles, read articles about the Sabbath and other topics.


Yahweh’s New Covenant

Read articles on various topics including the Sabbath.


United Church of

Read various articles about the Sabbath, order their current free booklet, download ”Sunset to Sunset: God’s Sabbath Rest”, or watch a video from Beyond Today Internet TV.


Garments of

Order custom made garments for wearing the biblical blue tassels of Numbers 15:37-41, peruse various articles about the commandment of tzitzith (tassels), learn how to tie the tassels yourself with detailed instructions.


Yahweh’s Evangelical Assembly--

Read and order articles and booklets on YHWH’s name, Yahshua, the Sabbath, and various other topics.


Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue--

Join the Dallas synagogue for Sabbath services, listen to live services on the web, read various articles.


Bet Ami Messianic Congregation--

Join Bet Ami for live web broadcasts of their Torah studies, Hebrew studies, and Sabbath evening worship or check out their archived broadcasts.

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