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    Many of the simple things we take for granted every day in our walk of faith are only dreams for most believers in prison. A study bible in an acceptable translation that will withstand the rigors and harsh conditions of a long prison sentence, a concordance and other reference books that will help them study and understand the bible, a prayerbook to pray from, and a prayer shawl to pray under....

     These and other items are almost impossible for prisoners to obtain without help, and help for Sabbath keeping inmates from their "brethren" whom are free is rare and hard to find. When help and donations do come, they are often too little and short-lived. This should not be so. What we need are charitable and open-handed believers who will do the woks of faith by committing themselves to sponsoring inmates in the spirit of Deuteronomy 15:7 and Acts 2:44-45, even if only in a limited capacity or for a limited period of time. With enough of us helping, we who call ourselves children of the Most High can correct this shameful deficiency among us.


     With our Sponsor an Inmate Program you can choose to help a needy inmate in a number of ways: 

  • You may select certain items which you wish to provide an inmate or you may sponsor all of their religious needs.
  • You may donate items one at a time to an inmate, or supply all of their needs at once.
  • You may make a long term, short term, or one time commitment. 
  • We can inform the inmate of your identity or you may remain anonymous.

     The following items are the basic necessities of an observant Messianic believer in prison:

  • Scriptures                                                                                                         $25    
  • Concordance                                                                                                    $10
  • PrayerBook (siddur)                                                                                         $25
  • Prayer shawl (tallith)                                                                                        $25
  • Torah Study Book (Chumash)                                                                         $15
  • Passover Package                                                                                             $7
  • Cash to purchase food items for Spring & Fall festivals                                   $30 (per year)

 *Note* Most prison cafeteria foods are forbidden during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Hag HaMatzot) and observant inmates who do not have funds to purchase alternatives are forced to go hungry for 8 days.


     For a one time donation of about $130, the needs of a needy Sabbath-keeping believer in prison can be fully supplied.






      Beyth Haderek is a new program to help Sabbath-keeping inmates have a successful transition from prison life to life on the outside. For those who have been inside the prison walls for a long time, being set free can be a scary thing.

      Imagine spending every hour of every day for years on end being told by someone else when to eat, sleep, go to work, watch t.v., get a new set of clothes, go to worship services, and every other thing you do every day for 5-10-20 years. Imagine being unable to open your own door, or choose for yourself where you will walk or stand at any given time, or choose what food you will eat for lunch. You and I don't think about such things, we just do them. We take such everyday things for granted, but for someone being set free from prison, all the choices they are faced with can become overwhelming and scary.

     You can be a major part of making the transition to life outside of prison easier by making a donation today. It is hard to imagine the immense heartfelt gratitude that is felt by these brethren when they are the recipient of such generous charity. It is time Messianic Sabbath Keepers begin to take care of our brethren, both in and out of prison, as other faiths already do. We have been instructed by our Messiah to do so (Matt.25:35-36 ). Please become a partner with us in making a difference in the lives of those who come to us. Your donation will not only impact their life, but the lives of their family and our communities as well. Please don’t wait – make a donation today and give generously. If you don’t, who will??

   Donations to SKF’s Sponsor an Inmate Program can be made by cash, check or money order and mailed to:

                                                                           Sabbath Keepers Fellowship

                                                                           PO Box 972

                                                                          Malakoff, TX 75148

   Or you may use our convenient and secure "Donate" button to use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account.


*Note* PayPal charges us a small fee to use their service. If you want to ensure 100% of your donation is used to support our programs, please send a check or money order to the above address instead of using PayPal. Thank you!   


This page last update 8/13/18